Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Those Who Matter

A poem by Roberta Hill of the Oneida tribe

The sunlight in your heart hovers
in your smile when you share
your knowledge.  Women and men
of intelligence and grace,
you created the spirit of this place.
How you have aided
my soul, that fluttering thing
that tries to launch across the haze,
that wants to flit
beyond the first green leaves
of life.

The moonlight in your heart
fills this city as it sleeps
and dreams.  That moonlight knits our wounds
through the many ways you think
of others climbing
the hills behind you.
Cold Mountain said don't lose
the moment's happiness.  The same
wind that woke him wakes us now.

The starlight in your heart twinkles
in Duck creek, glistens like dew
on early grass.  It
helps the buds break as now
into a shock of green.
When we talk sometimes I see
one intense immense earth
wider than our words and more profound,
brilliant as a breath
wearing your radiance.


  1. I enjoy how this brings nature to life. Even as I'm sitting inside with the blinds closed.

  2. I live in a quiet corner of Scotland and I can Identify with this poem.
    My sympathies are with those city dwellers who know nothing else.
    Having said that, if they've got the access to media, and know of an outside world, then perhaps a poem like this will give them hope and inspiration.

    1. her poetry shows how powerful words can be.

  3. I love the poem. There are some great lines and it works for me.

  4. "The sunlight in your heart hovers
    in your smile when you share
    your knowledge."

    Now THAT is an opening that breathes me into it. Your blog is a gift to me tonight, just starting to read it randomly--a gift I needed tonight. Thank you SO much for visiting my blog, else I'd not have found yours.