Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exploring Toronto

Well besides graffiti, here's some more of what I saw while in Toronto.

a great setting for a street brawl movie scene

thank you mr. bear holding the door open

pez galore!

bixi rental bikes.  when you wanna ride in style, ride bixi.

friend ern in serious mode, while friend dave uses the laptop.

sleeping beauty?

dave reading hope on a tight rope by cornel west

ed the modern man, hard at work

from left to right: asad, ern, ed, and dave playing our preferred game of choice, monopoly deal

down goes toy soldier!

walking to the prince's gate

the lawless renegade

from left to right: ern peeking from behind the tree like an assassin, asad using the tree to hide his identity, dave the tree hugger, and ed standing next to the tree.  i like how each of them has their own unique way of posing and interacting with the trees. 

"Hi-yo, Dog!  Away!"

attack of the cat people!

I'm used to signs prohibiting behavior, not promoting it

this is what happens when asad gets angry.

asad, dave, and ern meditating in the field with the CN tower in background

apparently this was a haunted lighthouse, but it seemed just cool to me.

friends forever

dave's just catching a few z's

dave and asad chillin'

we happened upon the set of dino dan, whatever that is.

the real duck tales

"I have the power!"

french fries + cheese + gravy = poutine =  toronto delicacy 

me attempting to become woody woodpecker

come back dave!

Monday, June 18, 2012

canadian graffiti

Some friends and I recently journeyed to Toronto.  Little did we realize we would stumble into the third circle of graffiti heaven.

friend dave poses with the deranged smiley face

run jerry!

friends dave and ern try to become the art

me leading the polar bear charge

earthworm jim!

a new development on the formula e=mc square.  einstein would be proud.

friend dave shows his love for the joker and harley quinn

friend ed poses with mega man

friend asad chillin' with the swan

if there was ever a dragon to hug, he'd be the one.