Wednesday, May 23, 2012

popsicle sticks

I work as a substitute teacher, teaching all kinds of subjects and all kinds of grades.  Today, I taught at an elementary school, and every now and then, the kids share a snack or two with me - perks of the job : )  Well today, I got treated to a couple of rainbow popsicles with some gloriously corny jokes typed on the sticks, and I just felt compelled to share the fun.  Enjoy!

What animal unlocked the farm gate?          The Turkey

Why were the police suspicious of the blinds?          They were shady


  1. Ha, my daughter often gets these popsicles and loves to bombard me with bad jokes. Quite fun if not corny...

  2. Ha ha ha...I love jokes like this. I'd not heard the turkey one before. It must be an interesting job.