Thursday, June 2, 2011

july twenty first two thousand and six

I spell these words out for a reason
not to dramatize the meanin'
but to show you what i'm feelin'
am i dreamin'
or does my life really have me reelin'?

Is my religion such a cause for concern?
or is it my race that makes you spurn?
why do you hate me?
weren't you supposedly built on unity?

I know i'm not an aboriginal,
but does that mean you should treat me like a criminal?

They took me away as i looked in my mom's crying eyes
not giving me an opportunity to say my goodbyes
They tell me my appeal has been refused
but my ego cannot be bruised.

As they take me away to my new place,
They cuff my hands putting me through more disgrace
But remember my face
Because this smile you'll never erase.

As I arrive in my cell,
I remind myself this isn't a place for me to dwell
I don't belong in this man made hell.

I know this game is just a business
For ICE I'm just another purchase

I go to my bunk as I realize the reality
And try to sleep before I lose my sanity

As the murky shadows start to clear
I realize I have nothing to fear

Rest assured that I won't stop
This is my way out

I'm not doing this for some widespread acclaim
Because in the end we're all the same.

Written by A079 005 390...  [These letters and numbers identify someone who has been caught up and crushed in what can be the cruel and unjust machine of American legalism, and though this machine has a way of grinding people down to nothing, it did not, and will never have the power to whittle down the heart and spirit of this man (A079 005 390) - one of my closest amigos


  1. the words of mighty warrior, i hope to be fearless like you someday, my friend :)

  2. Powerful stuff... I feel the pain through these words.

  3. Mr. Elliot how generous this gesture to share the depth of what is surely a fine soul. Interesting word-pairings. I know that cell of which you speak, seems you've held on rather cleverly I'd say. Continue! Namaste.