Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cherokee Proverb

A Cherokee grandfather talking to his young grandson tells the boy he has two wolves inside of him struggling with each other. The first is the wolf of peace, love and kindness. The other wolf is fear, greed and hatred. "Which wolf will win, grandfather?" asks the young boy. "Whichever one I feed," is the reply.

A friend passed this wisdom on to me.


  1. I have heard a lot of people that view this struggle of (I know I am simplifying it) good vs. evil happening within them. I don't know if I really feel that struggle. For me, it
    is more of a struggle between good and apathy. Because most of the time I want to do the right thing, but I get discouraged about putting out the effort. I still think it's a wonderful proverb though I don't know if I identify with it 100%.

  2. I guess I identify with this more. I've seen so many feed the hate inside them.

  3. Another thought provoking post. I think that metaphor can cut to the heart of an issue, thought or situation in a manner that offers universal understanding. Thank you.

  4. Those really are words of wisdom Aguilar, I'll file that one in the recesses of my mind for future use.

    1. good to hear it'll have a place in your mind.

  5. what artists did this painting, drawing, piece? If anyone has ANY insight as to where it came from or who drew it, it would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance!