Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super 8

I watched it the other day.  Was looking forward to it because I enjoyed Cloverfield, also done by J.J. Abrams.  Super 8 is like The Goonies on steroids, and remember steroids aren’t good for you.  The pacing and storytelling start off on a really good rhythm.  The kid characters are pretty endearing.  A lot of the visuals and shot angles reminded me of E.T. (I guess that’s because Steven Spielberg produced this one), and there’s a crazy cool train wreck scene, but by the time it was over, I felt let down and unfulfilled.  It just seemed a little too convenient, especially when kids start wandering through warzones unscathed.  And the ending, oh the ending!  It left me saying, “That’s it?!”


  1. My daughter has been talking about this film must see it.

  2. Cool, if you watch it anytime soon lemme know what you think.